The products manufactured by Bilbro Enterprises provide state-of-the-art medical technology that improves the quality of life for the patients we serve.

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Bilbro Enterprises.

we are manufacturers & exporters of all range of Surgical , Dental , Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments.

Surgical Instruments special medical tools for performing specific action during surgery or operation. Bilbro Enterprises Sialkot is manufacturing medical tools for last many years and exporting to major countries in all over the world. Our quality instruments are safe for surgery that we claim with warranty. We cover following major categories like Surgical Instruments, Dental Instruments, Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments and all sort of scissors and forceps. High grade stainless steel / Titanium Material used in manufacturing of these instruments.

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One of the top manufacturer & Exporter of Surgical Instruments

Our Categories

Eye Instruments
Eye Instruments

Eye Instruments

Our Manufacturing Specialities of Eye Instruments In Pakistan
Dental Instruments
Dental Instruments

Dental Instruments

Our Manufacturing Specialities of Dental Instruments In Pakistan
Surgical Instruments
Surgical Instruments

Surgical Instruments

Our Manufacturing Specialities of Surgical Instruments In Pakistan
Beauty Care Tools
Beauty Care Tools

Beauty Care Tools

Our Manufacturing Specialities of Beauty Care Tools In Pakistan
Orthopedic Instruments
Orthopedic Instruments

Orthopedic Instruments

Our Manufacturing Specialities of Orthopedic Instruments In Pakistan


Our Manufacturing Specialities of Veterinary In Pakistan

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    We believe that quality can only be achieved through quality raw materials. As such, the best quality raw materials are purchased and are subjected to composition and hardness testing in-house in order to ensure that only the best materials are passed on to production departments. Kinds of series i.e. 300, 410, and 420 of stainless steel used for the production of Surgical Instruments.
    The purchased raw material is thoroughly tested under PQA Authority. A rigid quality control policy is being adopted before releasing to production. This test is taken to check the standard of steel as per desired specifications and is considered the most important factor of our business.
    With the help of dyes and hammers, the process is run by cutting shaped raw instruments. In the forging process, our skilled Craftsman gives life to the metal and give it the rudimentary shape that will go through a series of complicated processes. the stainless steel strips/bars are divided into different sizes as per our requirements and sent to highly experienced craftsmen specialized in forging (Hot/Cold Drop) to perform all standard press operations in forming and deep drawing of all types of instruments. They anneal the forging and prepare for the milling process.
    Our milling / Machining section have the best quality milling, grinding and CNC machines which are operated by trained experts for good milling of the scissors, forceps, ratchets, serration teeth, box cutting, and for all other related process for ensuring exact perfection before filling. For this, top-quality imported cutters are used. We also manufacture some of our special products in CNC machines to get high-quality products.We are manufacturing some of our products in +.05mm tolerance.
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because each instrument in our catalog has been methodically checked at every stage in its manufacture Bilbro Enterprises is equipped with modern facilities to manufacture high-quality instruments according to need of its valued customers and we also offer a range of instrument care to help maintain the high level of quality reliability and performance of your surgical instruments throughout their usage and we are committed to achieving Excellence in.

All Bilbro Enterprises precision surgical instruments are guaranteed because our each instrument are manufactured under supervision of highly experienced craftsmen with years of product experience, we provide our instruments with 100% satisfaction.

We were at the Arab Health trade fair held on 24-27 January 2022 in Dubai

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